[January 25, 1962] Shameless self-promotion (Nominate Galactic Journey for the Hugo!)

Each year, authors compete through the written word for the honor of owning a miniature replica of a spaceship.  Since 1953, the Hugo Award has been the most regular and prestigious honor bestowed to those of us in the science fiction and fantasy genres.  They represent a true expression of democracy, being nominated and voted by the fans.  It is not just the authors who are recognized: editors, filmmakers, even fans can win the golden rocket statuette.

And that’s why we are asking for your nomination.

Galactic Journey has brought you the latest in science fact and fiction for over three years, since October 1958.  It’s been a tremendous pleasure and privilege to review the monthly sff digests, the new books, the best (and worst!) scientifiction TV shows and movies, enormously rewarding to report on the myriad space shots as they happen.  Coverage of 1960’s pitched election season was eye-opening and exciting. 

Though it was not originally our mission, the Journey has become a progressive entity, focusing on the women and minority contributors that add to the diversity and value of our fandom, yet who are overlooked and underrepresented. 

Oh, how we’ve grown in three years!  Since this column’s humble beginnings, our staff of two has grown to ten, including an overseas correspondent.  Last June, we began providing the latest news on the right-hand side of our pages.  In August, no less a personage than Rod Serling honored us for our coverage of The Twilight Zone.

The Journey is a labor of love.  We have never charged a dime for it, nor have we offered space for paid advertisements.  It is free, and it always will be.  Our reward is the many friends we have made and the support of our fans.

If you enjoy this column (and we assume you must if you are here reading this article) then we ask but one favor.  The ability to nominate and vote for Hugo candidates is limited to those with membership to the annual Science Fiction WorldCon.  It’s a fun event, and you should attend if you can. 

However, even if you cannot be physically present, you can purchase a “supporting membership.”  This will enfranchise you to vote, and the WorldCon committee will send you a ballot posthaste.  If you nominate the Journey for award, please do so in the “Best Fanzine” category [this article originally recommended nomination for “Related Work,” but we have been advised that this is incorrect].

But you must purchase your membership by January 31 to be able to vote, so don’t delay!

We at the Journey would greatly appreciate your support, both in the form of nomination and publicizing this notice.  If you could spread the word amongst your circles, wherever you post your bills, this would spread awareness of this campaign far beyond the reach of our personal presses.  Plus, studies show that people who dig the Journey are the coolest cats, the envy of their peers.

Be a cool cat.  Vote for the Journey.  Spread the word.  And thank you for being part of the Galactic Journey family.

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