[April 30, 1960] Interlude, with Ocean (A Trip to Carlsbad)

Greetings from sunny springtime California!

Yesterday was a vacation of sorts.  Having dashed off (I mean to say “meticulously crafted”) my review of the June 1960 Galaxy, I thought it high time to hit the beach with some nice non-fiction.  My favorite shoreline happens to be in Carlsbad, a sleepy community in northern San Diego County.  For the fans who enjoy phototourism, take a gander at these newly developed pics (in color, no less!)

I parked near the commercial and scenic center of Carlsbad is the intersection of Highway 101 and Elm Street.  Dominating the northeast corner is the Twin Inns, a 75-year old house converted into a restaurant.  It’s a lovely, rambling sort of affair, with a dance hall in the back.

Just next door is the Hanse House, of the same vintange and owned by the Christiansen family.  There used to be a mineral water well here, but it’s been closed since the Depression.

Then I was off to my favorite local coffee shop, Cafe Elysa. 

The beach was lovely, though a bit bright for reading.  It was surprisingly uncrowded.  I caught no sight of Gidget…

On the other hand, I did see this friendly little fellow:

To round things off, I leave you with this sage advice, inscribed outside another coffee house:

See you soon!

2 thoughts on “[April 30, 1960] Interlude, with Ocean (A Trip to Carlsbad)”

  1. Great photographs.  I enjoy hanging out at coffeehouses like that (although I hate coffee, so I always get tea) and watching the beats.

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