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Imagine living in the Silver Age of science fiction and fantasy.  A youthful JFK is President.  John Glenn is a national hero.  Stranger in a Strange Land has just won the Hugos.  Joanna Russ and Ursula K. Le Guin are promising new authors.  Spider Man, The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, and Thor are bursting onto the comics scene.  What would it be like to actually be there, experiencing life, the movies, the books, the music, day per day?

The Traveler and co. live in 1963, regularly commuting 55 years into the future to write about then-contemporary science fiction and fantasy, particularly fiction found in magazines.  But that’s not all there is to life 55 years ago!  So expect to read about the movies, the space shots, the politics, the music, and much more!

There is nothing like the Journey anywhere else in the universe.  Come jump through the portal and see a world you may but dimly remember, or which you may never have seen before, but without which your time could never have been…



Serling Award, 2016
Hugo Nominee-runner up, Best Fanzine, 2017


Geek Girl Con, 2017
Comic-Con, 2017
Condor, 2017
Geek Girl Con, 2016
Nerd Con, 2016
Condor 2016


Since October 21, 1958…er, 2013, Gideon Marcus has helmed the Journey.  A prominent Space Historian and member of the American Astronautical Society’s History Committee, he brings combines engaging prose with an encyclopedic knowledge of the era to create the most singular time machine in existence.  His scintillating public speaking skills make him a coveted performer at conventions across the country.


The editorial backbone of Galactic Journey, Janice ensures that 95% of typos and grammatical errors get trapped before being released into the wild.  The other 5% are completely the result of spontaneous generation similar to the fashion in which Fred Hoyle predicts that matter is constantly created as our universe expands.

Janice also moderates the Galactic Journey panels when the column hits the road.


Ms. Bozich is the Journey’s intrepid curator, ensuring that all works featured on the Journey have been cleared for distribution.  It is thanks to her that so many of these fine works are available for your perusal.


If you’ve ever wondered how the Journey distributes its fine editions of the stories provided in this column, look no further.  Ms. Frank has been an invaluable aid to our efforts, ensuring readable, easily transmitted tales.


While the Journey has attracted a number of avid time travelers, Ms. Benton has elected to become a full-time denizen of two eras: “today” and “55 years ago.”  An expert on the early years of the Cold War, her insightful eloquence lends gravitas to the column.  Expect a monthly entry from this most talented writer!


The unusual first name betrays Ms. Pollard’s “modern-day” provenance; she has also taken the plunge to become a regular Journey contributor.  Not only is she a professional columnist, herself, she lives across the Pond in Merry Old England.  Thus, the Journey now offers a fan’s perspective from both sides of the Atlantic. 


Ms. Silverwolf has graced our letter column for almost three years.  Aside from her incredible erudition, the most noteworthy thing about Victoria is the extreme alignment of her tastes with that of the Traveler.  It’s no surprise that she has been put on the magazine beat, reviewing Fantastic on a monthly basis.


The Young Traveler’s constant movie-going companion since the beginning.  Now she co-writes the articles that cover material with which she has acquainted herself, mostly movies and television shows.  Don’t let her youth fool you — she is a successful writer in her own right, and a most welcome addition the Journey team!


Mr. Boston has demonstrated considerable talent, writing for a number of fan outlets.  He currently reviews the sf digest, Amazing, every month.


The Journey has been fortunate enough to retain the writing talents of Ms. Conaway, a professional costumer in the film industry, to provide insight on the Space Age world of fashion.


The newest member of the Journey constellation, Vicki started out (as many writers do) in the LetterCol.  Her works possess a gravity and charm that belie the contributor’s youth.  Look for more from her on a variety of esoteric topics. 

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  1. As one of those who was “there” 55-years ago, I enjoy the time trips back into the recent past. In 1962 I was a senior at San Dieguito High School in Encinitas, California and was an avid science-fiction reader.  Due to the cost factor and the often weak offerings of the SF magazines, I spent most of my limited funds on paperbacks, Ace Doubles and the occasional Ballantine or Bantam paperback. 

    For anyone who wants to get a “feel” for what it was like, living in a California beach community, in 1962, I highly recommend the movie, “American Graffiti.”  In those days, I was only dreaming of a writing career, while spending my nights playing lead guitar in a Surf band. 

    It was the best of times, which were only going to get better and more interesting as the 60’s wore on…..

  2. This is a great blog, I am so glad to have discovered it. I have this particular Analog in a box over there, originally purchased it from a used book store for half the list price, so 25 cents. Wonderful illustrations, Schoenherr is my personal favorite. The original issue of Frank Herbert’s Prophet of Dune are also in that box over there — depiction of Sand Worm and all.
    Thanks for your marvelous work :-)

  3. My family lived in London in 1962.  My dad was a burgeoning sci-fi writer and model airplane designer, to name a few of his many talents. My mother taught charm school, modeled and sewed many of her own clothes. We had a giant emerald green Fleetwood Cadillac which amazed the locals, also a silver Triumph with rumble seat in back. The milkman still drove a horse and buggy when making his deliveries. At the time, my sisters and I couldn’t wait to return to sunny USA but I have fond memories and wish I had access to our family photos!

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