[April 3, 1962] Wide-eyed in Wonder (WonderCon 1962)

by Gideon Marcus

Good golly, is it 1962 already? WonderCon remains one of the largest and most up-to-date conventions in the state. Attendance was well into the hundreds, likely due to the broad scope of fandoms covered. Everything from comic books to science fiction film and television – it’s almost like Galactic Journey Con! (if you’re new to the Journey, reference this summary article to see what we’re all about.)

As always, I bummed around the Exhibit Hall and Art Show while the Young Traveler spent a lot of time in panels learning various art tips.

Check out this vendor who dealt in recent magazines and Ace Doubles – I cleaned him out, largely to get gifts for my panels.

I almost picked up this film magazine, but the loss of James Garner (from the show) is still too fresh…

I ran across an amazing store, The Rational Past, which sells all manner of antique and new treasures. Most importantly, they fixed my slide-rule case, which was falling off my belt, the leather was so fatigued.

Here’s an amazing World Expo card case my friend, Professor Elliot, found. Nearly thirty years old. An antique!

And here are me and the Professor, doing our shtick in the Exhibit Hall:

And now, for your viewing pleasure, costumed attendees. I’ve grouped them by logical association:

Mary Todd Lincoln, First Lady

Vintage theme

Anastasia, Czarina of all the Russias

Colonel Sanders

His chicken was finger-lickin’ good!


As charming a Minnie as you’d hope, and so tall!

I hope the little girl didn’t cross the Queen’s path!

A very timely set of costumes from 101 Dalmations– this movie came out just last year.

Alice in Wonderland

…and a witch!


An excellent Kimball Kinnison, the Gray Lensman!

Curious George

May I have a collective “awwwww” from the audience?

The Addams Family

Wednesday Addams was a surprisingly popular costume choice.

Dick Tracy

Marvel Comics

I wonder if Captain America will be the next hero to be revived? I’m sure that’ll make this booster happy!

National Comics

A strikingly good Amazon!

A picture-perfect “Man of Steel”

I’ll end with my favorite costume of the event. Supergirl is a very recent character from National Comics who has stolen the heart of thousands of fans, me included.

That’s it for WonderCon 1962. To all the new friends I made, feel free to drop me a line, either privately or for publication in the Comments section! See you at ComicCon in just three months…