[May 31, 1960] End of May (New KGJ episodes and June forecast)

At long last, and with the cooperation of a vast radio production team, the entire month of November 1958 has been produced as a set of radio shows.  You can listen to them all at your leisure on KGJ!  Broacasting most hours of the day from downtown Vista.

For those following along at home, June 1960 looks to be a good month for material.  I’ll be reading and reviewing:

The July 1960 Astounding (including the first part of Poul Anderson’s new serial, The High Crusade

The July 1960 Fantasy and Science Fiction

The July 1960 IF

The July 1960 Amazing (thought I’d give it a shot again)

Mark Clifton’s novel, Eight Keys to Eden

The brand new science fiction film, Twelve to the Moon.

The weekly Twighlight Zone episodes.

Note that Bob Sheckley has a new compilation coming out, Notions: Unlimited, and they are reprinting Clarke’s Childhood’s End

So come on and join the Journey, and bring your friends.  There’s lots to see!

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