[Feb. 14, 1960] A Valentine’s Day gift (…In Distress, original fiction)

Today’s post is going to be a change of pace.  This column is usually reserved for comments on the work of other persons.  Today, you get to see the first publication ever of an original piece.  If this is a successful experiment, more may follow.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


…In Distress

by Gideon Marcus

illustrated by David Swanson

(removed pending potential publication…)

2 thoughts on “[Feb. 14, 1960] A Valentine’s Day gift (…In Distress, original fiction)”

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

    Thank you for the Valentine’s present. It’s excellent all through. The punchline is very satisfactory: how we bring 1960’s expectations to this future society – and, even more than the job, Danielle being tall and clumsy is automatically considered male.

    The station background, with the socks smell and the work talk, looks solid. Gripping picture and opening.

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