[August 27, 1960] Coming up in September!

Every month, I get a heads up from my connections in the publishing, movie, and aerospace industries to let me know what books, films, and space launches will occur in the near future.  August is coming to a close, which means its time for a sneak preview of coming attractions for the month of September.  This way, all of you can follow along and share your thoughts. 

(Note that publications that I don’t plan to review will be in a smaller font.  You are, of course, welcome to try them and let me know if I should take a gander.)

In the world of magazines:

September 1960 Galaxy

September 1960 Fantasy and Science Fiction

September 1960 Analog

September 1960 Fantastic

September 1960 Amazing

In the world of books:

The Status Civilization, by Robert Sheckley

Venus Plus X, by Theodore Sturgeon

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by Ben Barzman

Skynappers, by John Brunner ; Vulcan’s Hammer, by Philip K. Dick (ACE Double)

Guardians of Time, a collection of Time Patrol stories by Poul Anderson

Deathworld, by Harry Harrison (already covered by the Journey here)

In the world of movies:

Little Shop of Horrors ; The Last Woman on Earth (a Double Feature!)

In the world of space launches:

Pioneer Moon (Atlas Able)

In the meantime, we also have the leadership of the Free World at stake.  Immediately after the Democratic Convention, national polls showed Kennedy leading Nixon at 52-48.  Now that the Senator has been stuck in a quagmire of a Congressional Session for the last month, and Nixon was just greeted as the Second Coming in Atlanta, the polls show a different story.  Nixon is now the favorite at 53-47.

The Race doesn’t really start until after Labor Day, however.  I’m looking forward to the first televised debates come Fall.

9 thoughts on “[August 27, 1960] Coming up in September!”

  1. Don’t forget Pittcon over Labor Day weekend. Hugos!

    And if something has to give, I recommend dropping the Sheckley. It was serialized in the last couple of Amazings and, well, that says a lot about it.

    1. I’m pulling for “The Sirens of Titan” by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. for best novel, but I suspect he’s too “literary” to win.

      “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes seems almost certain to win for best short fiction; it’s a true masterpiece.

      Best Dramatic Presentation I’d like to see go to “The World, the Flesh, and the Devil,” but I expect a very close race between it and “The Twilight Zone.”

      Best Prozine should be a showdown between F&SF and Galaxy; I’m pulling for the former.

    1. I just meant the quality is pretty poor on the Sheckley, so if you get pressed for time that’s where I’d cut. It really lacks his typical humor.

      Living in Germany as I do, Pittcon is rather well out of my budget, alas. One of these days I hope to make it to really big con, but that’s definitely something for the future.

  2. I managed to come across advance copies of “The Status Civilization” and “Venus Plus X.”  I liked the Sheckley better than DemetriosX did.  I think it takes a while for the satiric edge to show up (although it’s really only a novella) but it’s well worth waiting for.  The Sturgeon is really extraordinary, and is going to be very controversial.  I will say no more about it, and I look forward to your opinion.

    The word in Hollywood is that “The Last Woman on Earth” isn’t anything special, but that “The Little Shop of Horrors” may turn out to be a real sleeper.

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