[April 6, 1960] First Test (Wisconsin Primary results)

Provided by the Journal Sentinel

In an upset that no one saw coming (except every pollster in the nation), Massachusetts Senator Jack Kennedy defeated Michigan Senator Hubert Humphrey in a close Wisconsin primary, April 5.  It took most of the night for the final results to come in, but in the end, Kennedy took six out of the ten delegates the state had to offer.  This provides the handsome, boyish Senator the momentum he needs to compete in West Virginia and Nebraska, his next primaries.

Humphrey, however, seems completely unfazed.  In fact, when I heard him on the radio this morning, he sounded positively victorious.  He asserted that his managing to garner any delegates, given how much time and money Kennedy sank into the primary, made him the moral winner of the contest.  Perhaps Humphrey is just whistling in the dark.  Still, one can’t help but like the guy.

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